Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

Faculty by the Numbers

Departments, Programs, and Academic Degrees

Areas of Excellence

  • The Department of Diagnostic Radiology Technology obtained full national accreditation. The
  • The Department of Medical Laboratory Technology obtained conditional national accreditation.
  • The conditions for national accreditation were raised from the Department of Clinical Nutrition.
  • The presence of a group of faculty members from graduates of the most prestigious international universities in Australia, Britain and the United States
  • In the field of research, A number of faculty members are effective principal researchers, and some of them head research teams and units within the King Fahd Center for Medical Research at King Abdulaziz University.
  • The college presented many community service activities and events.
  • Students and faculty received prizes for patents.
  • The college got third place in the His Excellency Award. President of the University for University Performance
  • Program graduates occupy academic and clinical leadership positions in the public and private sectors The

The college’s global ranking

College programs accredited by local and international bodies

Programs underdevelopment

Key Performance Indicators

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